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Toroto plush

Toroto plush

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Discover our smiling Toroto plush that stands on its own! Ideal companion for children and adults, to be used as a comforter or as a decorative accessory. Toroto plush available in 3 sizes.

Features :

  • Size: 30, 40 and 50cm
  • Age: Recommended for children over 2 years old
  • Material: Cotton

Peluche Center is a company created in 2020 and managed by enthusiasts
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Shipping & Returns

Delivery times shown below are average estimates:

FRANCE: 7-12 days
United States: 7-21 days
Canada: 7 to 21 days
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Size Chart

Here are some CM to IN (for USA) conversions of some of our most popular plush sizes.

15 = 6"
20 = 8"
24 = 9"
26 = 10"
30 = 12"
50 = 20"
80 = 31"
100 = 39"

Care Instructions

Please note that large plush toys and giant plush toys may be vacuum packed. Please let them air out in the sun for at least 24 hours to maintain their original shape.

We recommend that all plush toys be washed and dried by hand for greater durability and a more thorough cleaning.

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