Collection: Artificial Rose Bear

The bear in roses, the ideal gift for all occasions

This year, whether for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas or for the birthday of one of your loved ones, you want to offer him an original gift that will please him every time, but you don't know not what to choose. Do not panic ! We have the perfect product for your loved one.
Do you know the bear in roses ? This is a handmade teddy bear, with artificial roses . Rose bears represent a symbol of love like no other. This is a sincere gift, which will send a romantic message, tenderness and love to its recipient.
It's true. There is nothing more beautiful than saying " I love you " by offering an eternal rose. Plus, there's nothing more cuddly than a teddy bear. The pink bear combines all these advantages, making it the very emblem of eternal love.
If you are looking for the perfect gift for your wife, girlfriend, daughter or mother, then you have come to the right place!
With Christmas and Valentine's Day approaching, it's time to think bigger! We know that the flagship gift at this time is the famous bouquet of flowers, but why not show your love by choosing luxurious rose bears, which will surprise and amaze your partner.
A flower bear is undoubtedly the best choice, moreover it is recommended by florists. So don't wait any longer and order this original teddy bear today that will make his heart capsize.

The bear in roses is one of the most popular flower arrangements of the moment. At first glance, it is a decorative object that allows you to offer flowers to the chosen one of your heart, in a way that is out of the ordinary. The real ones artificial rose bear are handcrafted, the craftsman puts very high quality artificial roses, varying the shapes and featuring impressive multicolored hues.
Artificial roses often come in a variety of romantic colors, ranging from plain red to pink and even pastel. You will then be able to find original cut colors such as pink-white, pink-yellow, pink-orange, pink-blue, red-pink, pink-black or even the color pale yellow. All colored flowers have a very specific meaning, it's up to you to choose the meaning that your other half will imagine.
Handmade rose bears are also available in all imaginable sizes and shapes. You can then leave room for your imagination by leaving a carnal note, a guarantee of seduction and romanticism.

Why is the bear in roses the perfect gift for your loved one?

Whether to offer your daughter, your niece, your mother, your mother-in-law, your girlfriend, your best friend or for your wife, love at first sight will be immediate because the bear in roses is the favorite gift of women .
Now we will see which color to choose depending on the recipient.
If you want to give it to your girlfriend or your wife, order the red color. This Aphrodite hue develops excitement, it can awaken his most intimate feelings and his passionate love.
For your mother or mother-in-law, try a neutral color like white, which represents sincerity and gratitude. This will show her that you care about her and that she matters to you.
Finally, regarding your daughter, your niece or even your best friend, we advise you to choose a pink teddy bear, which represents love and femininity.
You can then surprise the woman of your life with a authentic bear in pink . Stand out, women love to be surprised.

It is true that giving a bouquet of roses is very popular, but we all know someone who does not have time to take care of it. When you offer fresh roses to the chosen one of your heart, this one must water them regularly and after a certain time they fade and find themselves thrown in the trash shortly after.
While a bear in roses is significant of love-passion, it will also serve to decorate your loved one's office, bedroom or even living room. Its quality artificial roses are designed to last over time, without deteriorating and without maintenance. Remember that this gift is made of an artificial material that does not attract dirt or dust. It does not need to be cleaned or maintained. It is quite naturally thanks to this that it is one of the most popular gift ideas of the moment.

As said above, pink bear is a present that is suitable for any occasion you can think of, but here are some event ideas:

Valentine's Day, the day of lovers

When we talk about Valentine's Day, the first idea that comes to mind is quite naturally:
  • A bouquet of flowers,
  • A watch,
  • A necklace or a bracelet
  • A pair of earrings,
  • A handbag,
  • A massage session,
  • A shopping day.

Of course, it will depend on your other half because every woman is different, but these previous ideas are among the most popular gifts. If you want to mark the occasion by finding an idea that is original and will surprise her then the pink bear will be perfect! Because the bear has a timeless charm, it is unique and it shows that you have given it a little more thought.

Your lover's birthday

Flowers are a basic gift for birthdays, but why not change your habits for this year? We therefore advise you to choose a magnificent bear in pink with his favorite color, to have it delivered to you somewhere other than your home and to give it to him for his birthday. This is a gift she will love and cherish for years!

Weddings where your wedding anniversary

If you are invited to a wedding and are looking for a gift that the bride and groom will not put aside, then you have just found it. Yes, absolutely because your teddy bear decorated with roses will be something symbolic that your couple of friends will keep with happiness, to remember this magical and wonderful moment that was their wedding.
The teddy bear in pink can also be offered on your wedding anniversary. Imagine it atop your fireplace, your kitchen, or even your bedroom next to your wedding photo. Perfect right?