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Baby Panda Plush

Baby Panda Plush

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The cute Baby Panda Plush

Everyone loves the famous black and white markings of the Panda bear! Our baby panda plush toy is beautifully made, reproduced perfectly with a few elegant markings that add to its charm. Her sitting position highlights her little body and gives her an ultra cuddly shape .

The cotton filling ensures that our comforter will withstand all the cuddles over the years. The black and white spots around his eyes give our panda an expression of wonder , this is surely due to the beauty of the cuddle giver. On his face, we find details worthy of manga films which make our panda a character with emotion.


He just hopes to find a crunchy bamboo stalk to nibble on and comfortable knees to snuggle up on! This adorable baby panda stuffed animal needs a guardian who will care for him and shower him with love. That someone might be you!

The characteristics of our Baby Panda Plush

  • Quality sewing
  • Dominant color: White
  • Size: 40cm
  • Materials: PP cotton
  • Age group: > 3 years old or under parental supervision.
  • Tip: Washable in the washing machine (15°C - 30°C). It is best to wash your plush toy by hand.
  • Free delivery and shipping 📦

Let yourself be guided through the magnificent jungle with our stuffed panda . Well accompanied, you will not be lost!

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Shipping & Returns

Delivery times shown below are average estimates:

FRANCE: 7-12 days
United States: 7-21 days
Canada: 7 to 21 days
Australia: 10-25 days
New Zealand: 10-21 days
UK: 14-30 days
Europe: 10-21 Days
South America: 14-30 days

Size Chart

Here are some CM to IN (for USA) conversions of some of our most popular plush sizes.

15 = 6"
20 = 8"
24 = 9"
26 = 10"
30 = 12"
50 = 20"
80 = 31"
100 = 39"

Care Instructions

Please note that large plush toys and giant plush toys may be vacuum packed. Please let them air out in the sun for at least 24 hours to maintain their original shape.

We recommend that all plush toys be washed and dried by hand for greater durability and a more thorough cleaning.

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