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Baby Koala Comforter

Baby Koala Comforter

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Too cute to be true? Yet koalas do exist. Offer a koala cuddly toy to your child so that he can discover this extraordinary animal!

A very soft koala comforter

Very realistic, the koala cuddly toy looks like the little marsupials that inhabit the Australian forests. This soft toy is available in gray, in its natural color, but also in white. A perfect version for a cozy cocoon bedroom !

It exists in 2 models, alone or with its baby because these tender animals always keep their little ones close to them! Children like to snuggle up to her. With her beautiful coat and bushy ears, she is very silky.

  • 2 models: koala plush alone or with her baby
  • Colours: gray or white
  • Size: 13, 18, 21, 28 or 40 cm
  • Padded with soft PP cotton
  • Very soft bristles
  • To offer from 3 years old

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Size Chart

Here are some CM to IN (for USA) conversions of some of our most popular plush sizes.

15 = 6"
20 = 8"
24 = 9"
26 = 10"
30 = 12"
50 = 20"
80 = 31"
100 = 39"

Care Instructions

Please note that large plush toys and giant plush toys may be vacuum packed. Please let them air out in the sun for at least 24 hours to maintain their original shape.

We recommend that all plush toys be washed and dried by hand for greater durability and a more thorough cleaning.

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