You may have noticed how quickly cute can turn into chaos , especially when you have a child or a pet! Each of us has an evil switch within him, when it is triggered, your ''dark'' side then takes over!

The Switch that controls this plush's facial expression is located on the back of its head. When you press the button, his eyebrows will straighten and his sharp teeth will give you goosebumps 😱😂 !

This sudden change in personality will cause a start in those around you and then continue with laughter. As soon as you release the button, the plush will return to its original state, all cute and crunchy!


The soft toys are very cute and adorable, this one is only half so... When you offer this soft toy to someone, they will expect it to be an ''ordinary'' soft toy, very cute and adorable. However, he doesn't know that this plush will make him jump in fear when he discovers his second face 🤭
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This unicorn plush remains very soft and comfortable despite its ''super power'', and can be used like any other plush! She wears soft white and purple fur and draws fine lines like a real unicorn.

When you need quiet, for example for a nap, but someone comes to disturb you, no worries! All you have to do is press the head of the toy , which will immediately scare the prankster away!

scary unicorn


The plush features a switch behind his head that allows him to change his facial expression. When you press this button, it will automatically trigger a mechanism that will instantly change its face.

  • Does not require batteries ✔
  • Sensations with your loved ones guaranteed ✔

unicorn soft toy


Whether you are a child , an adult or even a senior, this plush will surprise everyone!

This scary plushie looks so calm, so cute, so harmless, but when you lean on his head: ''AHHH''. The trapped will be in fear of his life!

The reactions will always be different depending on the person, but always fun! Impossible to predict the blow, you will thus identify the true nature of the victim.

This toy is a great idea for Halloween gifts to trick your friend or family member!

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