How to wrap a stuffed animal for a gift?

How to wrap a stuffed animal for a gift?

Kids love stuffed animals! During special events, such as a birthday or Christmas, wrapped gifts are almost a must to please your child!

Packing a stuffed animal can be fun and entertaining, but as soon as you find yourself in a difficult situation, you will change your mind very quickly... Stuffed animals can be particularly complicated to pack. On special holidays, such as Christmas, soft toys don't look very good without their gift wrapping.

But do not worry ! We'll show you how to wrap a stuffed animal in just a few steps!

Here's what you need: wrapping paper, double-sided tape, scissors, hole punch (optional), decorations (optional)


Measure the wrapping paper so that it is twice the length of the stuffed animal. Fold the paper in half from the shorter side to the shorter side, without the toy wrapped. (see picture below)


With the new rectangle obtained, start by folding the shorter side, at the bottom of the rectangle. Finally, fold the 2 corresponding corners.

how to wrap a stuffed animal


Secure the fold with double-sided tape and fold it a second time. Repeat step 2 and 3 on the other side

pack a stuffed animal


You now have a small bag, in which you will slip the stuffed animal. Then, fold the sachet inwards before folding it back to close the bag.

pack a big stuffed animal


Fix and close the seal with an adhesive tape. Fold the packaging a second time.

how to pack a big stuffed animal


If you want to decorate the gift, make pockets with four holes and then thread a ribbon through them.

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